Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Pleasant Return - First Post

Our old logo with a fresh font!
I haven't been here in awhile.

Hi, I'm Michelle. I started selling soy candles and bath & body products online in 2005. I started with a website and an Etsy shop. That began a wonderful little adventure that lasted about seven years. Then we closed down our website and Etsy shops and left it all behind in 2011.

As a family, we've recently been talking about creating a family business that we can operate together. Last summer, we considered growing Japanese Maples, but for many reasons we didn't move forward. Just the other day, my son suggested we sell our lip balms again...and as a family, we decided to do it!

Over ten years ago, I made these moisturizing heel therapy lotion bars for Christmas gifts and it was suggested that I sell them. We perfected our "No-Ick Heel Stick" formula over many years and we're excited to offer them again! I created a lip balm for my son when he had dry lips in the winter and my husband fell so in love with the consistency that he begged me to promise I would make him more when he ran out of his stash! We've had a lot of positive feedback about these products through the years, so we're looking forward to reviving these favorites and offering them again!
Please visit our website and Etsy shop. Thanks for visiting and come back soon!

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