Saturday, June 21, 2014

Flavors Decided

John is really excited about our custom Raspberry Lime flavor!
We've finally decided on all our lip balm flavors! We started with 15 but have blossomed to 40+! Here's what's coming:

 Black Cherry
 Blueberry Blast
 Caramel Apple
 Chocolate Caramel
 Chocolate Coffee
 Chocolate Lavender*
 Chocolate Mint*
 Chocolate Orange
 Chocolate Peanut
 Chocolate Raspberry
 Cotton Candy
 Crisp Green Apple
 Cucumber Melon
 Frosty Root Beer
 Fruity Punch*
 Grape Lollipop
 Hazelnut Latte
 Hot Vanilla Chai
 Icy Peppermint*
 Juicy Watermelon
 Lavender Rose
 Lime Sorbet
 Market Fresh Peach
 Masala Chai Tea
 Morning Coffee
 Pink Lemonade
 Pumpkin Cheesecake
 Pure Anise*
 Raspberry Lime
 Rich Chocolate*
 Root Beer Float
 Sea Salt Caramel
 Sugared Lemon Drop
 Sweet Strawberry
 Vanilla Ice Cream
 Vanilla Rose
 Warm French Toast
 Wild Raspberry
(*100% All Natural)

Monday, June 2, 2014

Supplies are Here

June 2014 first supply box grand opening!
We’re finally ready to unpack boxes!

Two problems:

1) we received the wrong shipping mailers, we ordered kraft, but got white plastic

2) there are several ingredients I forgot to order all together!

After figuring out what else I need to order, we’re going to have a second round of boxes to open! Sigh.