Tuesday, June 16, 2015

YouTube Channel Found

My old YouTube channel!
This is an absolute scream!!!

Here's how it started...I wanted to add the LinkWithin.com widget because I like how it prompts my readers to click on other blog posts. But when I added it, it populated the blog with all my archived posts going back to 2009!

I decided to delete all those old posts (and remove all the images from PicasaWeb.com), but I did read the original first post. It contained a video from 2008! This took me to YouTube, where I found my old channel. Crazy! This was PRE-Google YouTube, so it asked me if I wanted to claim my old channel (which has a custom URL from the old days-yay!). Sure, why not!?

Three videos reside on this YouTube channel...and I'm going to keep them because they are like "vintage" Lemon Lollipop from so long ago!

I always feel weird about stuff I did years ago because I personally have gone through an internal and spiritual transformation over the past couple years. There really is the "old me" and the "new me" now. I have regrets about some things I did online before the "new me", I'm not doing those things anymore.

I wanted to embed the video, but I pasted over the code-duh! I'll have to figure that out later. Here's the link to my very first video...kinda makes me excited for making some more!


What would you like to see on the Lemon Lollipop YouTube Channel?

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