Monday, June 22, 2015

Limbo Land, Newsletter and Open for a Season

The house we're waiting to move into...someday soon!
It's yellow. The house. We first saw inside this house in early January. We want to buy this house. The happy news is that we are buying this house. The unhappy news is that we no longer have a closing date. Curious? We were supposed to close May 22nd, but escrow had to cancel and reschedule our closing date because a particular important piece of paper wasn't filed correctly. We are now in limbo land waiting for a new closing date. Can't tell you how fun that is(!) It turns out that I'm really grateful for this "land of limbo" because it has provided me with some time to re-evaluate my personal life and business routines (among other things-like packing!).

I was getting bogged down with a monthly newsletter, mostly, because I just don't think it's necessary to advertise that much. You all know where to find our lip balm when you want and need it, it's right there on the label. I suppose I've adopted general marketing advice about generally sending a newsletter to my mailing list generally once a month. But I think I'm going to change things up a general.

For various reasons, we've been discussing the possibility of NOT staying open year round. I like the idea of opening in September and closing after Valentine's Day (we would of course, still be available for wholesale orders to keep our few vendors supplied as needed throughout the entire year!). The day after Valentine's Day (February 15th) through the end of the February, we'd run a blowout sale for any tubes remaining after the selling season.

We would make our batches in August and try to sell out of every flavor by February. It would be a good fit with our family life as we tend to be more active in the summer and it also allows us to not have to ship our slurpilicious lip balms during the hottest summer months. Just thinking about that idea.

A special thanks to our friend, John Howshall, who graciously gifted us with an illustration of our new home when I asked him to do it for my new house blog. I love his style!

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