Friday, October 17, 2014

Four Seasons Fragrance Perfume Oils

Back in 2007, I launched an Etsy shop called Four Seasons Fragrance. The other night, I took a look at the Etsy Stats for the shop and was pretty surprised that it was still getting some attention, even without any listings (the shop is on vacation mode) and being away for a few years.

Anyways, I've been ruminating on how we can get more activity on Lemon Lollipop (the website and Etsy shop) so for the past week, I've been considering with my other business partners what we might do. I'd like to extend our reach...right now we are getting found (by very few) on searches for lip balm and colors and flavors. If we added goat's milk soap or more perfume oils, we could extend how we turn up in search. So what could we do that won't tax our daily lives IF things turn out to get busy (busiER would be a great first step to busy).

And that got me thinking about Four Seasons Fragrance (among other things). So I wrote up a few sheets on the costs of getting it up and going...that looks pretty good. Ran the profit numbers, excellent. Thought about materials and how long it would take to get them...looks good. Could we make it ahead of time and then fill orders, yep (the soap would have to be made to order but perfume oil can be made ahead). Are there enough (or too many) products to add to the website and Etsy fact, with a full size perfume oil along with the sample vials, we're talking about 24 additional products plus some sets and gift ideas. That's a sizable amount to upload to the site and Etsy, but the benefit is that I could list one a day for a month and beef up the online shopping. SOOOO, when we have some "extra cash flow" (uh huh), then we can do it! It was fun to take the kids through this process with me so they could see what things I consider and how I do the math (numbers have a way of exposing the truth).

In the meantime, I can work up product listings and get the labels designed and help the kids see what it means to prepare items again for sale. Oh the agony! (I LOVE DOING THE LABELS-yeehaw!!!) So maybe by the time we want to launch "Four Seasons of Fragrance" (new name!), I'll have some of the support work done! A new photo shoot would be in order, now that's fun to think about! I'd like to stage each scent with props or fresh flowers...hmmmmm. I'm really excited for bringing the kids into more and more, so another launch will be really good for them.

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